Evert Taube

Skola kan ge bildning, men icke skapa konst. Konst kan skapa skola men icke konst. Trevande efter stil är levande konst. Färdig stil är icke konst.

Det stora kan nu ske endast undanskymt. Konst uppstår enbart ur känsla, behag, lynne, hemligt, förkrossande arbete och förfärlig ensamhet.

–Evert Taube

Lucano House

“With the completion of the Casa Lucano in 1951, a large apartment in the elegant Fiera district in the northwest of Milan, Gio Ponti reached the apex of his quest for the Fantasy Home, a type of house that echoes both Italian Metaphysical and French Surrealist art of the early and mid-twentieth century within the domestic realm. This approach has almost no equivalent in pre-war Europe except perhaps in Le Corbusier’s Beistegui apartment (1929-31) and Carlo Mollino’s Devalle apartment (1939-40). It is a testimony to the inspired patronage emerging from the dynamic cultural environment of that period. Soon after the war, Ponti harnessed those currents with resounding success in Milan, where he engaged in constant dialogue with his peers and his patrons among the enlightened Milanese society.”

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Playing Piano for Dad

The album “Playing piano for my dad” by h hunt is constantly on repeat. Listen to the album here.

Feeling blue