Sophie x Weekday

Sophie Bille Brahe x Weekday Collection

Danish Sophie Bille Brahe’s Spring and Summer jewelry collection for Weekday is now out called ‘Ensemble’. This is her second collaboration with the Swedish jeans and retail store, following up the AW12 collection. All the pieces are made from sterling silver and there are some amazing rings as well as a super cool cuff that I would like to grab my hands on (not on the picture). The rings are amazing and you can combine them in several ways. I dig the fact that she has made the entire collection in thin sterling silver which will make the pieces long laster.

Perfectly thin

I’ve been hooked on delicate jewellery for a while now, I think it’s beacause it is so suitable not only for a day-look but also for a more elegant evening style. I love thin jewellery – necklaces, bracelets and rings. Here above you see some of my favourites for the moment, from Sia Taylor. At the top: silver and gold ‘Fringe’ necklace. Underneath: Sia Taylor ‘Big Dot’ bracelet and the ‘Fringe’ bracelet in white and yellow gold.

Cornelia Webb

I am totally hooked on thin necklaces, bracelets and rings. It looks so delicate and you can never really over do it when styling the jewelry as well as it’s perfect for your everyday look. I just discover Cornelia Webb’s necklaces (above) and they are beautiful! I found them at Browns Fashion and they have them in both gold and sterling silver. I can’t make up my mind on which one I want! Since I am always wearing silver I will probably go with one of them, but the gold pendants are real beauties as well. I am heading over to London in a couple of weeks so I think I get it in stores.

What goes around…

I’m home, sick. I’ve had the flu for four days now! I feel sorry for myself, I really do since I’m like a zombie right now. And of top of that, I’ve got exams next week. So I bought this ‘Karma’ necklace as a gift for myself to get better (lol). It’s so beautiful and I’ve wanted it for ages but it hasn’t been in stock until now. I’m going to wear it everyday. Oh, and it’s from Dogeared.