Gaia Repossi Jewelry - rings, necklace, earringsAs I mentioned in the previous post, I just had to show you some of the amazing pieces from Gaia Repossi’s line. All of them are favorites, of course… But if I had to choose one particular pieces I must say I am in love with the ‘Berber’ earring – both in 18 karat rosé-gold and white gold (the pieces in with the four rings in the middle of the pic). You can find the jewelry at Net-à-Porter, Barneys and Montaigne Market.

Perfectly thin

I’ve been hooked on delicate jewellery for a while now, I think it’s beacause it is so suitable not only for a day-look but also for a more elegant evening style. I love thin jewellery – necklaces, bracelets and rings. Here above you see some of my favourites for the moment, from Sia Taylor. At the top: silver and gold ‘Fringe’ necklace. Underneath: Sia Taylor ‘Big Dot’ bracelet and the ‘Fringe’ bracelet in white and yellow gold.