La Dame en Noir

Vogue Netherlands December 2013 Pau Bertolini by Alique-3Vogue Netherlands December 2013 Pau Bertolini by Alique-2Vogue Netherlands December 2013 Pau Bertolini by Alique-1Vogue Netherlands December 2013 Pau Bertolini by AliqueThis is such a beautiful editorial with model Pau Bertolini by Alique photgraphed for the December 2012 issue of Vogue Netherlands. I like the delicate vibe and the simple styling with the boyish haircut, the red lips and the nude/apricot coloured nails.

C’est Moi

Vogue Netherlands is among Vogue Russia and Vogue Paris, one of the magazines that I find continously delievers cool editorials. This one, ‘C’est Moi’ photographed by Alique, is styled by Martien Mellema for their December 2012 issue. Naomi Nijboer looks super hot with a sweet 80s vibe in a tight turtle-neck and backslick.

Show that belly

A huge trend for spring 2013 is to show off your belly (for an example Balenciga show an amazing bustier that showed off the models flat stomachs). But it’s also a pretty sweet trend right now. Especially with all the chunky knitwear and pair of boyfriend jeans. In the latest issue of Vogue Netherlands November 2012, model Mirte Maas show off perfection when it comes to the bare-belly style. Beautiful editorial by the way, photgraphed by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen. That Moschino logo belt lives on forever and ever, and styling it like this accentuate it’s status in your wardrobe – as a closet saver.

Haute Couture

Gorgeous editorial, ‘Haute Couture’, featuring Vlada Roslyakova¬†in the Spetember issue of Vogue Netherlands 2012. How amazing aren’t the Margiela look at pic number 2? Totally amazing and so effect full with that studded mask. The editorial is photographed by Alique and styled by Martien Mellema.