Carla Bruni

Special guest editor for the Vogue Paris December/January 2012/2013 issue is no more than the first lady of France, Carla Bruni. With her bohemian taste she shares her inpirations, musical preferences and more in this Christmas doubble-issue. As well as modelling for one of the editorials photgraphed by Mario Sorrenti, Carla Bruni also fronts the cover, snapped by Mert & Marcus, looking super fresh with her amazing fringe and a washed-out denim shirt. Editor in chief, Emmanuelle Alt, is a very good friend of Carla, and she said that “It has been a real pleasure to create this special Christmas issue with an old friend“. Pretty cool to have that opportunity. This highly maximized issue hits stores today, on Decemer 3rd.

The Kate Moss book

When breaking up with former boyfriend Johnny Depp, Kate Moss got the advice ‘Never complain, never explain’ when the press and media were haunting them like hawks. Ever since, Moss has kept quite. You can’t really find an interview with her during her 25 years in the fashion industry. Okey, well one, in 2005 when she had to explain the picture of her and a rolled up dollar bill in her nose, and with five sentences she made a press release. Anyway, when someone in this industry keep quite for so long it’s always interesting when that person releases her own book. A coffe table book in her name will be available for all the Moss fans this month, with not only one cover, but eight different covers. Accordning to the publisher the many option of covers is because Kate didn’t want to upset any of the famous photographers by choosing only one (since she is such close friends with). Teaming up with Jefferson Hack, her former flame, and Jess Hallett, a good friend of hers, the creative guru Fabien Baron produced this book chronicling the supermodel’s iconic career. On the cover you will see everything from a teenage Moss by Corinne Day to more recent shots by Mert & Marcus. Which one is your favourite?