Kate Moss in White BirkenstockI have been thinking of Birkenstock sandals for weeks! I can’t stop thinking about them, but everytime I have walked in to a store, I have just been hesitating. I mean, they are so ugly they are cool, and sure, ever since Céline showed their pieces they have been hot stuff. When I walked home a week ago in East Village I spotted a girl wearing the in white and they were so cool. So I might go with a white pair, especially since I have a pair of Marni sandals that are almost the same in black… The one above, that Kate are wearing are the classics, but I might go with the ones underneath – I like the cross-over and they don’t have as much ‘hospital’ vibe as the other ones…


Birkenstock Guam Sandals 825 White


Vogue Paris in Peru

Isabeli Fontana cover Vogue Paris April 2013‘Peru gives you vertigo. Between the heights of Huascarán and the beaches of Lima, there is a difference of 7000 metres. For this issue, we made the jump with Mario Testino.’ For the April issue of Vogue Paris the magazine has travelled around the world to a very exotic location, more specific Peru in South America. The cover features Isabeli Fontana, as well as in an editorial inside a long with Kate Moss. Special guest for this issue is Mario Testino and it is in his homeland the pictures are taken. Inside the magazine Testino not only takes Vogue Paris on a personal tour, but also reveals his favorite spots. The issue are available in new stands in a couple of days.

Kate Moss in Vogue Paris April 2013 Kate Moss in Vogue Paris April 2013 by Mario Testino

The 90’s

Céline RTW Spring 2013 mesh detailSpeaking of the Grunge-era, the 90s have had some major influential impact on the Spring 2013 fashion. Dressing up, and looking laidback, at the same time is very much the style of the 90s princesses, like Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell. Everything from halternecks to mesh dresses has been seen on the runway for this coming season. The mesh trend is still going strong and my favourite picks comes from the Céline collection (above) with the simple v-neck detail, and from Akris S/S 13 (underneath).

Akris Spring 2013 mesh in blackAkris Spring 2013 mesh in nude

The almighty Kate

So the December 2012 issues are hitting the stores as we speak and first out it is Vogue Espana. For this issue, Mario Testino has photographed Kate Moss, not only for this beautiful editorial, but also for the cover. A very elegant editorial with Spanish influences and Saint Laurent Paris-vibes S/S13 with the hats.

The Kate Moss book

When breaking up with former boyfriend Johnny Depp, Kate Moss got the advice ‘Never complain, never explain’ when the press and media were haunting them like hawks. Ever since, Moss has kept quite. You can’t really find an interview with her during her 25 years in the fashion industry. Okey, well one, in 2005 when she had to explain the picture of her and a rolled up dollar bill in her nose, and with five sentences she made a press release. Anyway, when someone in this industry keep quite for so long it’s always interesting when that person releases her own book. A coffe table book in her name will be available for all the Moss fans this month, with not only one cover, but eight different covers. Accordning to the publisher the many option of covers is because Kate didn’t want to upset any of the famous photographers by choosing only one (since she is such close friends with). Teaming up with Jefferson Hack, her former flame, and Jess Hallett, a good friend of hers, the creative guru Fabien Baron produced this book chronicling the supermodel’s iconic career. On the cover you will see everything from a teenage Moss by Corinne Day to more recent shots by Mert & Marcus. Which one is your favourite?


Wow! The Mango fall and winter Lookbook 2012 looks amazing! From Kate Moss to Karlie Kloss Mango, Mango has now choosen super-model Karmen Pedaru in their new fall and winter catalogue. Tweed suit jackets, suede pumps, felt hats and western inspired boots makes this buget collection a huge hit. The Spanish brand has taken their collection to a new level and I love the simple and the very french styling. Géraldine Saglio styled the last campaign, does she have a finger in this one as well?


That cover

I know, this is a really old cover. But I just had to post it because it’s so cool. Kate Moss looks perfect on the cover of Vogue Paris November 2004 in her sporty bra from Nike and her majestic green/yellow fur. I believe this cover is timeless, no doubt. I wouldn’t be surprised if I found it in the supermarket tomorrow. Anyway, that jacket, totally crave it! Is it obvious that I’ve started to fancy green and yellow jacket?

Stella McCartney Flashmob

London Fashion Week has just begun and yesterday Stella McCartney hosted a special showing of her eveningwear collection in Mayfair. A lot of her famous friends were there like Rihanna, Kate Moss, Anna Wintour and Mario Testino. Anyway, the dinner ended up in a flash-mob fashion spectacular where supermodels danced on the tables among with ballet dancers from the Royal Ballet. Check it out on You Tube. One of the best dressed that evening was Anja Rubik above, she looked amazing in a green velvet dress from Stella McCartney, of course, styled with ankle boots and a slouchy hat.