Céline Resort 2013

Don’t we just love this collection? And of top of that, I quote Nicole Phelps (editor at Style.com): “Three years into her run at Celine, Phoebe Philo has been mainstreamed. Her accessories have become the status symbol for the upwardly mobile woman—you can’t go a block on the Upper East Side without bumping into a Luggage bag. For Resort, she’s introduced two new shapes: the All Soft, a zipless, fold-over tote with a “baby” pouch inside, and the Edge, which as its name implies, has a more structured silhouette.” TWO new bag models! Can’t wait for the to hit the stores. Anyway, the coats look amazing and the leather. AND the pants. Amazing pants. This collection is all about the reapparance which is fantastic and it allow the modern women to build up a suistanable wardrobe with classic and modern pieces. I love the dotted two-pieced silk ‘pyjama’ as well as the ‘Cheap Monday’-inspired see-through boots and I’m loving that the white-on-white trend lasts.

Good morning!

I’ve totally forgot to show you pics on my new bag. Remember that I got the bag here, but then I just forgot showing it. It’s a Céline Luggage Phantom Bag in burgundy and it’s soo nice. I love it very much. It’s my third Céline bag and the coolest of them all. It’s going to be perfect for all the fall colours later this summer… (planning). And I’m proud of myself that I didn’t buy a black bag for once.