Hôtel Costes

Hotel-Costes-beautyIf there is one Hotel in the world (!) that I wouldn’t mind literally living in for my entire life (hah!) it’s Hôtel Costes. Not only is the atmosphere, the rooms and the restaurant things which makes me want to come back to the French very mysterious hotel, it’s also their taste in music. Costes have a collection of albums with the music they’re playing at the hotel as well, which are available at Spotify. Collections which I have listened to for years. Anyway as the Costes enthusiast that I am, I got happily surprised when I spotted that Net-a-Porter has just recently got their beauty products. Soap, perfume, candles and more is available online now. You can find Costes’ beauty stuff here. 

Bathroom secrets

Beauty Essentials by Zadig & Voltaire Cecilia Bönström

Swedish ex-model Cecilia Bönström is the creative director for the French brand Zadig & Voltaire. Above and underneath you can see some of her favorite beauty essentials. Among many products she uses Darphin’s hydrating kiwi mask, the Argan oil from Melvita, and organic skincare from OMOYE. Read the full story of her bathroom coverage here at Vogue Paris.com.

Beauty Essentials by Zadig & Voltaire Cecilia Bönström-1Beauty Essentials by Zadig & Voltaire Cecilia Bönström-2

FW12 Beauty

I love a simple make-up for a everyday use. It doesn’t neccessary have to involve painted eyes, like with mascara, but just a bit rouge, a nice lip-colour and you have wearable look. Although for a more painted look, I would definitely go with the two looks above that Harper’s Bazaar UK Beatuy has created. Love the bronze and blushed cheeks with a messy hair and big messy eye-brows. Love to wear some red lipstick for the fall as well, it is so effect-full and beautiful! Goes very well with all the dark and rich colours you usually have in your fall closet as well.