Belly tops

Okey, so you guys know that I am pretty hooked on show-your-belly-tops for the moment? Like I posted here and here. I just spotted this one above, from 3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013, which is a twisted gem tank top that comes in both black and white. Super duper nice and just perfect. I mean, the Balenciaga S/S13 bustier is perfect, but I think it’s hard to pull that of in an everyday look. But this one can be a real winner. You’ll find it here.

Chloé peek-a-boo

You know how I mentioned how beautiful I think it is to show a streak of your belly? Chloé is one of the top designers showing the same trend in their spring 2013 collection. The oversized neopren and knitted jumpers are shorten in the waistline and exchanged with a sheer mesh following down to the waistline. Isn’t it just stunning? Can’t wait for the spring trends to hit the stores.

Show that belly

A huge trend for spring 2013 is to show off your belly (for an example Balenciga show an amazing bustier that showed off the models flat stomachs). But it’s also a pretty sweet trend right now. Especially with all the chunky knitwear and pair of boyfriend jeans. In the latest issue of Vogue Netherlands November 2012, model Mirte Maas show off perfection when it comes to the bare-belly style. Beautiful editorial by the way, photgraphed by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen. That Moschino logo belt lives on forever and ever, and styling it like this accentuate it’s status in your wardrobe – as a closet saver.

OMG Balenciaga!

What an amazing collection! I’m stunned! First of all, the suits. They are perfection – and I love the styling with the bandaeu tops and the bare bellys (as we saw on the Balmain show as well). And the rings! Yeez, the models wear chunky and thin rings in a perfect mix when showing of round ‘hat’-leather bags. The skirts were a huge favourite as well – very girlish and I like the white edges. Love the hair as well with the fresh make-up…. The hair-accessories were stunning!