In New York

Hana Jirickova

It has been a super busy week, and that’s why the lack of updates here on the blog. Both work in L.A and on top of that, prepping for an editorial. For the moment I am in New York, since thursday morning, assisting for a photo shoot that will take place today in Brooklyn. It’s for a fall editorial, and cover, with the top trends for Fall and Winter 2013. We have some great looks so can’t wait to see the result! The model of today’s shoot is the beautiful Hana Jirickova (above).

Gone for a while

There has been some lack of blogposts lately, sorry for that. The last couple of days I’ve been spending my time at the hospital since I got really ill monday night. I’m still here but feeling so much better and hopefully I can go home tomorrow, woho! Anyway, it feels like I’ve been missing a lot! Haha, okey maybe not. But in 4-5 days there’s a lot going on and even if I’m not full of energy, trust me, I have got huge cravings of getting out of here. Anyway now I’m making up for the previous time in these following posts, enjoy! Pic above from V Magazine, their latest issue for fall 2012, featuring Frida Aasen in the editorial ‘The Art of Beauty’ by Marilyn Minter.