Perfection kind of sum up these laced-up sude boots from Jimmy Choo. And I kind of want them… They are the typical Emmanuelle Alt/Geraldine Saglio type of shoe. Wouldn’t you say? Anyway, I use to think that if you have a really nice pair of shoes and a super classy and cool bag that you like, you can get away with almost wearing anything. Those two pieces are essentials in a great everyday look. I would add, the ‘perfect’ jacket though. It could be anything – a cool leather, an olive green army jacket, a fuzzy oversized coat or a perfect peacock jacket. I would definitely say that one of the top ten bags ever made is this one underneath, from Louis Vuitton and designed by Sofia Coppola. So if I must, hehe, choose one I would definitely go for this one. 

Monica Sordo

I am in love with these bracelets from Monica Sordo! Amazing pieces from her self-titled jewellery line that was launched in October 2011. The pieces are available at Fivestory in New York, but I am not sure where to find the in Europe yet. For this season there is this stunning cuff in gold with fringes. Couldn’t find any good pic on in it, but I will keep you posted.

The intern

I came across this super cool editorial from 2009 and couldn’t resist posting it. The editorial shoot is from an issue of Dazed & Confused, where the Belgian model Anouck Lepère is running around at their office playing intern in her underwear. The editorial is photgraphed by Magnus Unnar and styling by Joanna Schlenzka for the October 2009 magazine. The editorial is called ‘When it comes down to the Bare essentials, Interning just ain’t what is cracked up to be!’ and I love the styling in almost all nude pieces. The thigh-high suede boots in light grey-purple with peep-toe are to die for!


I really dig this ad campaign from Céline for their resort collection. All of the pictures are amazing, such a sweet vibe with the fruit and the vaccation feeling. Watermelons, honey melons and pineapples are cut in among the leather goods, accessories and shoes from the resort line. They have this folded cabas in linen and lambskin in this collection that are just amazing! I really like the idea of mixing linen and leather when it comes to bags for the spring and summer collection. Totally something investing in for this spring.

Show that belly

A huge trend for spring 2013 is to show off your belly (for an example Balenciga show an amazing bustier that showed off the models flat stomachs). But it’s also a pretty sweet trend right now. Especially with all the chunky knitwear and pair of boyfriend jeans. In the latest issue of Vogue Netherlands November 2012, model Mirte Maas show off perfection when it comes to the bare-belly style. Beautiful editorial by the way, photgraphed by Annemarieke Van Drimmelen. That Moschino logo belt lives on forever and ever, and styling it like this accentuate it’s status in your wardrobe – as a closet saver.

The new Grunge

For the moment I am obssesing over the grunge look. It was a quite hot trend several years ago. I recall Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen being the fashionistas that always nailed the look perfectly, and Marc Jacobs was the man on everyones lips. For this fall and winter season it hasn’t been any grunge vibes, but for RTW spring and summer 2012 there were two huge actors on the fashion scene who applied the grunge look in their collection – Phillip Lim and Dries Van Noten. Of course, the designers translated grunge in their own ways. I instantly got hooked on the patterns, the checked shirts, the layering – a leather on top of a shirt on top of a tee – the shoes, the trousers and the mixing of prints, patterns and materials (read silk with wool, cashmere with jeans). Hopefully, this will be more than a one hit wonder. The grunge look has become a classic style that always push itself back into the fashion world.

I am in love with this combo – patterned pyjama-look-a-like pants, styled with a heavy piece of leather, and topped with a classic western belt with silver details. Underneath are the amazing Dries Van Noten RTW S/S 2013 collection. It’s slightly a bit more sophisticated than the 3.1 Phillip Lim, since Van Noten has mixed more delicate materials and feminine patterns. As you may know by now, one of my weakness is leopard pattern so that is why I absolutely love the leopard printed clutches in this collection. I think it’s cool how the have styled the leopard – not as a eye catching piece but more like one among many other prints (flowers,, checked ans stripes).